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Courage comes from the heart

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Courage comes from the french word Coeur : Heart. Care.

I have plenty of it and I begin sharing publicly my experience of regenerative lifestyle.

I have the privilege to share the guardianship of a piece of land on heavenly Mother Earth and have the joy to foster its regeneration. Sharing how we do it is a pillar of this blog.

How can I be helpful?” was the prompt for Paul Hawken career.

Focus on what we can do, what we care about, that’s all you can do, that’s sufficient“. He added. This made it for me!

I care a lot for nature, for the trees.

No time, nor pretexte (“not good enough”, “who am I to give advice?”!), nor need to wait to create a beautiful regenerated world, safe and abundant for everyone, every being, and that includes the trees. And all the living beings.

Having a lot of knowledge and experience, I here now show leadership and passion, I allow my view of the world to shine, in a loving and compassionate, positive and practical way. And hopefully fun, I certainly enjoy it. Curiosity, open to change, openness, connectedness.

Paul Hawken explains: Let’s start by connecting with nature and the living world. Slow down. Go outside. We are living organisms. Interconnection with nature will change us. Once we realise we are part of nature, we have faith in nature and healing, we are empowered,. Regeneration is within us. So let’s go (back) to our true nature and align with life (again). It’s easy, it’s the flow. It’s being in love with all, and with the living world.

More inspiration from Paul Hawken coming soon, follow the blog to stay tuned. It’s starting and it feels good.


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