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Climate or dairy change?

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Open letter to Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw. Sent 30th September 2022

Dear leaders,

I admire what you do and leadership style and I am inviting you to take strong policies to de-intensify diary industry, we know methane is a huge problem, we know water quality is proportionally inverse to cow presence, we know fertilizers not only pollute persistently but also require humongous amounts of energy to make. 

Knowing all that and continuing to do it is criminal in our times of climate emergency. 

I am doing my bit for my business, our lifestyle and property to be carbon neutral and I am advocating for everyone to do their bit now in any way at their level as part of my business “regenerative Thursday”, 20% of my working week is dedicated to regeneration. 

I am asking you to do your bit at your level that is take strong action to mitigate climate change and I see some awesome progress (eg. phasing out coal boilers, EV car rebate etc.) 

But I have seen the government backing off the dairy emissions repeatedly and this is no longer acceptable, everybody knows it’s a major problem in NZ, not doing it makes everyone say their impact is a drop compared to it so it hampers all efforts. 

As you know, solutions exist and all that is required is choosing to change. Resisting to change is creating more climate change, change there must be.

Change towards regenerative and environmentally friendly agriculture is a great opportunity for NZ dairy to make a difference for their own productivity. I urge you to step up and help farmers understand and implement this, from now on. 

Some policies are not popular when they are written, yet everyone adapts really fast when it’s done well, with good positive communication and financial and online support as your government has been good at doing during the COVID crisis, when you supported us all very well. 

People grumble and resist to change but being Kiwis, we adjust easily. I’m thinking of the plastic bag ban from supermarkets (which I have been advocating for years, not using any single use plastic with no inconvenience), it took years to come but then, tick done, thank you. Easy. 

So yes please, be strong, stand up to reluctant dairy farmers and big chemical industry, and create strong laws to make New Zealand carbon neutral, everyone will eventually thank you for it. 

I am open to helping and giving more details as required. 

Wishing you good luck, and sending all my heartfelt support. 

Kind regards,

Florence Micoud
021 027 92481

Extensive farming in Poland in beautiful forested rural landscape. Photo by Olena Bohovyk on

Additional letter sent 29 October 2022

Kia ora,

Have you heard about the Sikkim shift towards organic agriculture?

If a poor country did it, I hope your government can do it too. 

I am doing my part at my level, personal growth, the land we are gratefully guardian of, and Regenerative action in my community (eg. the Regenerative Wānaka Facebook page). 

All the best,

Florence etc.

Can you spot the solar panel on the house roof? Living among nature.

ANSWER on the 3rd November 2022

Dear Florence

I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister, Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern, to acknowledge your email of 29 October 2022. Please be assured your comments have been noted.

As the issue you have raised falls within the portfolio responsibilities of the Minister of Agriculture, Hon Damien O’Connor, your email has been forwarded to the Minister’s office for his information.

Thank you for writing, and take care.

Ngā mihi

Private Secretary

Office of the Prime Minister

I’ll look foward to Damien O’Connor follow up.
I care too much to stop.
I believe that positive solution-focused practical ideas can create
a wonderful regenerated world and are always worth sharing.


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