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Winnie Byanyima

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Winnie Byanyima – is Executive Director of Oxfam International. Her interview on Radio NZ is life-affirming.winnie-byanyima-wef_3

A few facts

8 men own as much as half of the world population
Shareholders steal the wealth from the economic system
Governments supports powerful rich lobbies by tax system
Business model: Companies supports stakeholders first, they take away from workers, from environment, from producers/suppliers (small companies)
3 billionaires own more than 28 million people!


  • Closing tax loopholes corporate tax reform
  • Minimum wages–> living wages
  • Slow but happening
  • Transparency

Today 13 million people are in danger of starvation, because of conflict, and also drought, flood, drought ie. climate change
Because of inequality, mineral wealth capture.
Solutions for adapting to climate change exist. Local knowledge exist. Women are the frontline. Invest in supporting this local knowledge.

NZ has committed to zero emission by 2050, put laws in place to reach it!
Trump? Never mind, people will do it anyway raise your ambition to reduce the global warming. Story of inequality, injustice, opportunity to stand up.
180 years for an African man to create as much CO2 as an American man in one year
Today poor countries have more leadership than rich ones to reduce, adapt to climate change…

Good moment, great challenge!
The corruption is no greater in African countries than in US, EU etc example lobbying!
Citizen need to fight to get power back, in all countries!

OXFAM supports the people against poverty, climate change, corruption, Oxfam also support equality, women, children, fairness.  We can support Oxfam! I support Oxfam.

Go Winnie!

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