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Stepping up

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After years of learning, volunteering, practicing and talking about improving sustainability, I felt I needed to accelerate change. And I knew how to! Just discard diffidence and reach out. I hear a few of you thinking “at long last”! And the timing is perfect with climate issues becoming mainstream, at long last too.logo-bala

I’ve created Aim At Sustainability eco-consulting to support businesses, organisations and people willing to do their part.


  • By applying he Natural Step framework to a business or organisation to implement solid sustainable practice now and into the future.
  • By conducting eco-audits to focus on a specific area (example Green office makeover)
  • By helping with certification, sustainability communication and education, etc.

Visit the website, like the facebook page or contact me if you want to know more, to give feedback or know someone who needs help, in the Wanaka, Queenstown, Cromwell and Alexandra and everywhere in the area.

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