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I try, and I made it!

I’ve just finished to read “The Boy who Harnessed the Wind”, by William Kankwamba and it was so inspiring I wish everyone would read this book…

It’s the true story of an African boy who builds a windmill so that his family never has to live through famine again. He does this mostly alone without any money, with the help of a few library books, a lot of work and determination.

I value this book because William talks about his rural community.  It is not told by an ethnologist, a development officer or a tourist. It’s how life really is for more than one billion people and we hardly ever hear it from the inside.

Moreover, the local solution he offer is, I believe, the way to solve the global problem of scarcity in the world. I really like how he analyses that development must come from within.

Besides, we, in rich countries, take everything for granted (well, we do have more than everything) so we so have much to learn from this story. William is amazing in determination, simplicity, cleverness and altruism.

This book particularly resonates for me because I am librarian, like Mrs Sikelo, and my passion is to bring people the information they need. This story shows my work is all worthwhile as it can be life-changing.

It also tickled me deep inside because when I was 13-14, I told my science teacher that I wanted to be renewable energies engineer (way back in 1980) and he laughed at me… I gave up the dream. William did not give up. As he said in his first TED talk online: “I try, and I made it!” What a grand lesson!

Here is William’s blog, and his Moving Windmills Project website. Worth supporting.