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Wanaka Hatchery Project

Hatchery - Imagine an ecological centreBack in 2006, we had the idea to create an ecological education centre in Wanaka on the old hatchery site, to protect and restore its land at the same time as creating a vibrant useful project.

A few month ago, when part of the land was for sale, I gathered our ideas in a presentation to offer it to a patron buyer. It has been withdrawn for sale and I still dream of having a wonderful eco-centre to revive the hatchery. ALL IDEAS are welcome!

To discover a 24-pages presentation about this awesome idea, click on : Hatchery Project .

Sorry, it is a bit long to load & to read, but … oh sooo inspiring!

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2 thoughts on “Wanaka Hatchery Project

  1. fantastic. we need this, and we need it now. this has to be put to fish and game and they need to allow it to happen. their want for cash has to be passed over to allow an idea like this to flourish. kia kaha.

    can we have a meeting to get more community members to sign a document in support of such a creation, there will be more than 60 people sign this time round, this cannot be ignored.

    i will send it around my group soon and see if we support this, UCRG now has about a hundred members.

  2. I attended the very interesting talk given by ORC scientist Jens Rekker at the Lake Wanaka Center recently on the Cardrona river and associated aquifers including the most impressive discharge spring, Bullock creek.
    Jens pointed out the great value of having such a high volume, very pure water source running through town.
    Not many towns in the world can boast that and that is definitely something worthy of our whole communities attention and pride.

    Everyone acknowledges that water will be the major issue of the future and we are all disappointed when we hear of another river or lake being spoilt by mismanagement. Rendered unusable by human and animal people, fish or invertebrates alike. Unbelievable! But not to late!

    A centre for ecology that focuses on living water that Florence proposes, based at the old hatchery site on stone st. could be a pivotal and very positive influence on how our community manage our water ways in the future. Given that things we do today effect our future 30 or 100 years or so down the track.

    It is our responsibility to future generations to leave the planet in better condition than it came to us and in this way the future for our human family on earth will be more secure.

    Welcome people back to the natural world 🙂

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