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I’ve signed up for the Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice

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I have always been interested in the relations between the humans and natural systems. For many many years I have :

  • learnt about environmental issues,
  • spread sustainability information as my job,
  • practised ecology at home,
  • and spent lots of hours in nature, observing and marvelling…

For some time, I was wondering how to enable this knowledge and skills to lead to a wider change.

And then, right here in Wanaka, was created this new programme, with the part-time possibility. An opportunity I could not miss! Despite how unwise it was, considering my full-time job and still 2 kids at home, well… I jumped and I love it. Student again !

Wild Clarisse blog was born for a golden duck, it had become a tentative “eco-family’s weblog” and will now be my learning journal.

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