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A few inspiring links to grow food right here. Come and discuss about it at Green Drinks,  Thursday 9th August, 6pm/7pm at The Creek, 2 Dunmore St, Wanaka.

Volunteers Transform Yard Into an Edible Garden :

Why protect urban green spaces:

Street Orchards for Community Security:

Gardening in the planting strip in Seattle:

The Telegraph Plant the streets UK :

And that’s a place where they DO it seriously!  And their website

In New Zealand: Transition Town website links to community  orchard

Do you know of other good links about community food growing? Please leave a comment so that I can add them to this list.

One thought on “Neighbourfood!

  1. Waouh bigger than hoped! Green drinks has been the cradle of yet another initiative, creating a transition town framework in Wanaka to coordinate, support and facilitate all local actions and projects which aim is making this town more resilient. We’ll hear about Transition Town Wanaka soon!

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